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Hydrochloric Acid 36% (General Use)

Hydrochloric Acid 36% (General Use)

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Hydrochloric acid (HCL) is a clear, colourless, and pungent solution also known as muriatic acid. Hydrochloric acid is created by dissolving hydrogen chloride gas in water and is a by-product of chlorine manufacture, along with sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide.

The properties of hydrochloric acid are as follows:

  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Formula: HCR
  • Boiling point (degrees Celsius): Not determined
  • Melting point (degrees Celsius): Not determined
  • Relative density: Approx. 1.18 at 20°C
  • CAS No.: 7647-01-0

Hydrochloric acid is a strong, corrosive acid with many applications. It’s commonly used in the production of different types of chlorides and metals; in the refinement of ore; as a pH regulator in pharmaceuticals and the food industry; in the creation of sugars, food additives and gelatin; and in the removal of rust and scale during steel pickling

The important role hydrochloric acid plays across various industries stems from its strong acidic properties, which make it an essential ingredient in various processes. The chemical, food, steel, water treatment, rubber, and oil and gas industries all frequently rely on this acid.

Specification of ReAgent’s Hydrochloric Acid

As an expert hydrochloric acid manufacturer, ReAgent offers a variety of HCl products, from analytical, laboratory and general use grades, to a wide scope of concentrations ranging from 0.001M to 4M to 30% w/w solutions. Products available online include:

All our products come with 100% quality guarantee and are produced in line with the ISO 9001:2015 QMS and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard. Our use of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities allows us to ensure maximum purity in all our HCl products. For example, our hydrochloric acid 36% solution:

  • Assays between 35-37%
  • Has minimum levels of impurities, including:
    • 5ppm sulphate
    • 2ppm chlorine
    • 0.5 ppm iron
    • 0.02 ppm arsenic 
    • 0.5 ppm lead
    • 0.001% non-volatile matter

We supply hydrochloric acid in both 2.5L and 25L containers, but we also offer a range of other pack sizes if needed, from a few hundred millilitres up to 1000L IBCs (Intermediate Bulk containers). You can also opt for personalised packaging and customised labelling to ensure your product aligns with your brand and unique needs. 

When you buy hydrochloric acid online from ReAgent, you know that you’re getting the highest quality product at the best price. Our HCl solutions cover a diverse range of applications, and if you need something more bespoke, we’re also able to manufacture alternative solutions that meet your exact requirements.

Applications of Hydrochloric Acid 

As a highly corrosive mineral acid, hydrochloric acid has many industry uses, making it known as a workhorse chemical.  Here is an overview of its different applications across various industries:

  • Steel industry: Here, HCl is used for pickling and cleaning steel surfaces. Its high acidity helps to remove rust, scale, and other impurities from the surface of steel before further processing
  • Food industry: It serves many different purposes in the food industry, from pH adjustment to food processing to flavour enhancing. It is also used in the production of certain food additives and food-grade chemicals
  • Water treatment: Water treatment processes use hydrochloric acid to adjust pH levels, remove metal contaminants, and control alkalinity in industrial water systems
  • Mining industry: In mining and ore processing, HCl is used in the leaching of metals like copper, uranium, and rare earth elements from ores
  • Oil and gas industry: Hydrochloric acid is used in well acidizing and stimulation treatments to remove formation damage, improve permeability, and enhance oil and gas production
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Here, HCl plays an important role in drug synthesis, pH adjustment, and as a reagent in various laboratory procedures
  • Rubber industry: Hydrochloric acid improves the adhesion of rubber to other materials and aids in the vulcanisation process
  • Textile industry: Its use as a pH controller is also taken advantage of during various textile processing steps
  • Cleaning and descaling: Hydrochloric acid is a powerful descaler and cleaning agent used in industrial cleaning applications, especially to remove mineral deposits, rust, and scale
  • Regeneration of ion-exchange resins: HCl is used in the regeneration of ion-exchange resins in water softening and demineralisation systems.

Hydrochloric acid is also used in small scale applications such as leather processing, household cleaning, and building construction. Other names for hydrochloric acid include muriatic acid, chlorohydric acid, marine acid, and spirits of salt.

By supplying hydrochloric acid in a range of grades and concentrations, ReAgent ensures you can find the right solution for your intended application.

The purity and quality of our HCl solutions also guarantee precision, reliability, and safety. To achieve this high level of purity, our hydrochloric acid is subjected to stringent purification processes to remove impurities and ensure the highest level of quality every time. 

ReAgent’s Quality Assurances

ReAgent’s is accredited to a number of ISO Standards, demonstrating our commitment to quality, sustainability, and upholding best practices.

  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard. This ensures we are always doing our part to minimise waste and work in an environmentally responsible manner
  • ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management Systems Standard. We adhere to the stringent requirements of a QMS specific to the medical devices industry
  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Standard. We maintain a proactive OHS management system, ensuring our workers are always safe, healthy, and able to exceed customer expectations

Why Choose ReAgent Chemicals as Your Hydrochloric Acid Manufacturer?

As an experienced UK chemical manufacturer with almost 50 years in the industry, ReAgent is able to provide hydrochloric acid in various strengths and grades. We also offer: 

  • Bespoke blending services
  • Personalised packaging
  • Customised labelling
  • A range of batch and pack sizes

Buy hydrochloric acid online and benefit from discounts on bulk quantities, as well as 24 hour shipping. We’re even able to deliver right to your customers’ doors with our trusted ADR registered couriers. 

If what you require is not listed in our catalogue, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide you with prices and technical advice.

Storing Hydrochloric Acid Safely

Hydrochloric acid must be stored in a well-ventilated area away from non-compatible materials and solutions. Skin and eye contact must be avoided at all times, as well as ingestion and/or inhalation.

This chemical will corrode metals, rubber, and some plastics. For this reason, HCl must be stored in chemically resistant containers made of materials like high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or certain types of stainless steel.

Always refer to our Material Safety Data sheet (MSDS) for full details on hydrochloric acid safety and storage.

Buy hydrochloric acid online today from ReAgent, the UK’s leading hydrochloric acid manufacturer. If you’re looking for something else, browse our shop to view our range of chemical products, or contact us for more information on how we can meet your business needs.