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  • Ammonia standards
  • Cadmium chloride
  • Colour standards
  • Hydrazine standards
  • Muriatic acid
  • Potassium permanganate
  • Silica standards
  • Sodium standards

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What Are Standard Solutions?

Standard solutions are solutions that have a precise known concentration of chemicals (solutes and solvents). In analytical chemistry, a standard solution is achieved by dissolving a known mass of solute in a solvent to make a specific volume.

A standard substance with specific purity is used to prepare a standard solution. In a titration experiment, a standard solution is used to have a precise determination of the concentration of other substances involved in the reaction.

Concentration units are typically expressed in moles per litre or mol/L (also abbreviated as M). However, other units such as moles per cubic decimetre (mol/dm3) and kilomoles per cubic metre (kmol/m3) are also used to express the concentration of standard solutions.

One way of preparing a simple standard solution is through the dilution of an element or compound in a solvent with which the solute reacts. A primary standard solution is a highly pure and stable solution with high molecular weight.

Some of the typical characteristics of standard solutions are:

  • The concentration of the solution is maintained at a constant level at all times
  • Chemical reactions between the standard solution and the substance being analysed is rapid, thereby minimising the waiting time for adding a reagent
  • Each reaction must be complete within reasonable range
  • Chemical reactions must be sufficiently described by a balanced chemical equation
  • Specific equilibrium points of reactions must be detected at specific points

Uses of Standard Solutions

Standard solutions have laboratory and industrial applications, particularly in analysing the chemical compositions of substances and the extent of reactions. Here are some applications of standard solutions:

  • Determine the molar amount required to neutralise a solution in a given reaction
  • Calculate the concentration or molarity of a substance in a solution
  • Repeatability of certain experiments
  • Standardisation and testing of chemical manufacturing processes

Comparing unknown molarity of a substance to a standard solution is usually done using spectroscopy. The specific wavelength can be compared to a series of standard solutions. The concentration of the sample solution can be analysed based on Beer’s Law.

Safety When Handling Chemicals

When working with or handling chemicals of any type, care must be taken to minimise potential hazards.  Always keep chemicals in their original container with the top tightly closed.  Store chemicals in a cool dry place away from incompatible materials.  Keep chemicals away from children and animals.  Wear protective clothing when handling chemicals including protective overalls, approved eye protection, safety footwear and appropriately compatible safety gloves.

A Company You Can Trust

ReAgent is a Quality Assured company with full accreditation to the coveted ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 13485 for Medical Devices, ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Standard, and Investors in People (IIP).   You can buy standard solutions with confidence when you buy them from ReAgent Ltd.

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