Methanol (MeOH)

Methanol (General Use)

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As leading suppliers of Methanol in the UK we want your buying experience to be as easy as possible, as such we can supply discount to bulk orders. We can also supply Methanol in:
  • 2.5L  containers
  • 25L containers
  • 200L drums
Methanol for general use is our most popular product, but we also offer laboratory and analytical versions with higher degrees of purity. MSDS sheets for all products are available to download from our website. We also offer further options, such as specific pack sizes and custom packaging

What is Methanol? Is Methanol Dangerous?

Also known as methyl alcohol or wood alcohol, Methanol is the simplest alcohol with the formula CH3OH. Historically, it was obtained from the distillation of wood, but nowadays is synthesised directly from hydrogen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. This colourless and highly flammable solution has a distinct smell of alcohol, similar to the ethanol present in alcoholic beverages. However, while ethanol can be metabolised and excreted safely by the body, methanol is extremely toxic and unfit for consumption. Industrially, this compound has found many different applications, from antifreeze and solvent to biodiesel and denaturant agent for ethanol.

What Safety Procedures Should I Take Around Methanol?

There are several concerns with this compound, including its flammability and toxicity if ingested. To avoid the risk, staff handling this chemical must be aware of safety procedures to follow:
  • Methanol should be stored away from any open flames or sources of ignition. In addition, this compound should be stored in an area with adequate ventilation to prevent any build-up in the air.
  • It should not be disposed of in the drainage system, but following appropriate waste regulations.
  • Storage containers must not be left open as this will result in evaporation of contents
  • Compound should be used in a well-ventilated area with fume extraction system to remove vapours from working area
  • Staff must be trained to deal with spillages or evacuation if necessary

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