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What is Decomposition?

Everything in this world eventually decomposes. In living organisms, decomposition is simply the breaking down of dead, organic matter. In chemistry terms, it is when a single compound breaks down into at least 2 simpler products. With this in mind, there are 2 main categories of decomposition: biotic, or organic decomposition is characterised by the metabolic breakdown of organic matter [...]

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Can I Use Deionised Water Instead of Distilled Water?

The two most popular grades of purified water are deionised water and distilled water. Because of their high purity levels, many assume that these products are interchangeable. But this is not always the case because the different purification methods they undergo directly affect how and where these forms of purified water can be used. The Difference Between Deionised Water [...]

A white steam iron on an ironing board

Can I Use Deionised Water in my Steam Iron?

You might think that using deionised water, or indeed any form of purified water in your steam iron would do nothing but good. However, purer does not always mean better, and steam iron manufacturers often caution consumers against using deionised water in this appliance. The Household Myth The reason most people believe that deionised water is the way to go [...]

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How Long Does Deionised Water Keep?

Deionised water is one of the most popular purified water products on the market. But it doesn’t stay pure forever, and there are several factors that can affect how long it keeps for. Undergoing a process that removes its charged ions, deionised water is completely free of ionic and mineral impurities. While water never officially goes ‘bad,’ there are [...]

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