Purified Water

Purified Water

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Buy Purified Water from Trusted UK Chemical Suppliers

ReAgent is a leading UK chemical manufacturer that specialises in the production of purified water. There are a number of grades of water that are available commercially. The grades most widely supplied by ReAgent include:

  • Deionised water
  • Distilled water
  • Ultrapure water
  • Demineralised water
  • EP water
  • USP water

In addition to regular in-house chemical testing, third-party microbiology testing is essential to our production regime and this is carried out on a weekly basis. All of our purified water is produced to our ISO 9001 Quality Standard and various other accredited systems.

Purified water is available to buy from our online shop, where we offer a huge variety of pack sizes and discounts on bulk orders. Whether you’re looking for distilled water, or want to go a step further with ultra-pure water, ReAgent has the product for you. Place your order today, or contact us for more information.


The Purification Process


We start off with common tap water from the mains supply. Firstly, the organic material is removed using a special resin. Then we pass the water through a Twin-Bed Deionizer, where dual tank systems remove first the Cat Ions, then the An Ions. This reduces the maximum level of impurities in the water to 10 µ per cm. However, it is typically much lower – around 1µ per cm. This first part of the process produces water of deionised quality and provides the starting material for the next stage of the purification process.

Final Steps

The deionised water is passed through a Mixed Bed Resin, where impurities are reduced to > 0.05 µ per cm. Ultra Violet Treatment follows, where the water is passed through a strong UV Light to remove any remaining traces of micro-organisms. In the final stage, filtration is carried out using a 0.2 micron filter. After this stage, the water is purified.

Water Plant

ReAgent’s water plant is split into two systems: a deionised water ring main and a high purity ring main. Our water plant has a maximum capacity of over 10,000 litres per hour. This means that we have the ability to fill 3 x 25,000 road tankers in a day, meaning that we can fulfil large orders quickly and efficiently.


Why Buy From ReAgent?

At ReAgent, deionised water is the lowest quality water we will use in any product. We use purified water for many of the solutions we manufacture, including pharmaceutical grade products.  As one of the UK’s leading chemical suppliers, we understand the importance of purified water to our customers.

We will discuss in detail our customer’s specific requirements to ensure that they receive exactly what they require. Our flexible manufacturing techniques enable us to offer a very personal service to customers, not just for purified water but for a wide range of chemicals, buffers, reagents, standard solutions, bespoke chemical mixes and blends.


Contact Us For Your Purified Water Requirements

We can supply in a wide range of pack sizes (1L to 1000L) and will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements for bottled purified water.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your requirements with a ‘real’ person, please be assured that our knowledgeable and professional Technical Sales Team have a wealth of experience in advising customers as to which grade or type of purified water they should use.  All our technical advice and support is free of charge – this is just part of the service at ReAgent.

To enquire about price and availability of our various grades of purified water please contact us using the form below.  We look forward to hearing from you the next time you need to buy purified water.




MSDS Files

The following files are available to download:

Product IDProductpost_statusBulkDownload SDS File
3825Purified Waterpublish1232https://www.chemicals.co.uk/uploads/documents/44 - 1232 - SDS10996.pdf

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We only supply to mainland UK, contact us on 0800 990 3258 for rates to Ireland.

Please notify us if you have specific delivery requirements such as restricted access, requirement for a tail-lift delivery vehicle or pallet truck. Failure to notify us of a special delivery instructions can incur additional charges from our carriers.

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