Sulfuric Acid

This is our most popular Sulfuric Acid – Sulfuric Acid 98% (General Use)

Sulfuric Acid 98% (General Use)

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Why Should You Buy Sulfuric Acid for General Use from ReAgent?

We supply sulphuric acid for general use in 2.5L and 25L containers, with discounts for bulk orders over 4 items. We also supply several other sulphuric acid products, including 0.5M and 1M, as well as suitable for analytical and laboratory use.

All our products come with further options, such as custom labelling and specific pack sizes. Place your order online today or contact us for free technical advice.

Is Sulfuric Acid Toxic for Humans?

This compound is corrosive to eyes and skin, as well as the respiratory and digestive tract. Even diluted concentrations as low as 10% can be irritating to the skin in most animals. Despite this, sulfuric acid is not considered an allergen by skin contact in humans.

In terms of inhalation or ingestion, sulphuric acid seems to have a localised effect, rather than a systemic effect with metabolic consequences.

What Are the Effects of Sulfuric Acid on the Body?

The observed changes caused by contact with sulfuric acid are mainly due to the action of protons (H) which can disrupt cellular metabolism and cause burns.

Up to a point, the effect of sulphuric acid can be reversible, but after prolonged or exposure to high concentrations, damage may become permanent.

In terms of mutagenicity or genetic toxicity, studies in vitro and in vivo did not reveal any toxic properties. In addition, despite several studies failing to detect conclusively that sulphuric acid is carcinogenic, some indirect evidence exists pointing for an increased risk of certain types of cancer after prolonged exposure.

As such, IARC currently considers this compound potentially carcinogenic for humans (Group 1).

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Looking for Sulfuric Acid?

  • We supply sulphuric acid in 2.5L and 25L containers, with discounts available for bulk orders
  • We also offer a wide range of sulphuric acid products, with various concentrations and applications
  • In addition, with all our products we offer further options, including custom labelling and bespoke blending

Chemical and Physical Properties of Sulfuric Acid

  • Name: sulphuric acid
  • Alternative names: dihydrogen sulphate, oil of vitriol, battery acid, dipping acid
  • Molecular formula: H2SO4
  • Molecular weight: 98 g/mol
  • Appearance: odourless and colourless liquid, with a viscous consistency and a marked acid taste
  • Boiling point: 337 degree Celsius (554 Fahrenheit)
  • Melting point: 10 degree Celsius (51 Fahrenheit)
  • Solubility: miscible in water and alcohol, generating heat
  • Decomposition: decomposes at high temperatures, releasing toxic gases including sulphur oxides
  • Corrosivity: extremely corrosive to most metals, with the exception of lead and steel
  • pH: forms acidic solutions
  • Threshold odour: most people can detect sulphuric acid at 1 mg/cu m, and it becomes irritating at 1.1 mg/cu m
  • Therapeutic uses: can be used in very diluted solutions to treat gastric hypoactivity

What is Sulfuric Acid Used fFor?

Most common industry uses include:
  • Adhesives and bleaching products
  • Fuel and fuel additives
  • Ion exchange chemicals
  • Pigments and dyes
  • Plating agents and surface treating agents
  • Petroleum production and propellants
  • Solvents and surface active agents
  • Adsorbents and absorbents
  • Agricultural products
  • Corrosion inhibitors and batteries
  • Electrical and electronic products

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