Industrial Methylated Spirits (Denatured Alcohol)

Industrial Methylated Spirits (Denatured Alcohol) 99%

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You will need to register your interest in this product with The National Registration Unit before we can supply it to you. Please call them on 0141-555-3489 or 0141-555-3586 and they will send you a registration letter or if you wish you can contact them at: National Registration Unit Portcullis House 21 India Street Glasgow G2 4PZ The process does not take long and National Registration Unit is normally very helpful.  This product is often referred to by them as 'industrial denatured alcohol', or IDA.

What is Industrial Methylated Spirits?

Industrial Methylated Spirits, or denatured alcohol or spiritus as it is often referred to, is ethanol which has additives to make it poisonous, bad tasting, smelling or nauseating to discourage recreational consumption. In some cases Industrial Methylated Spirits is also dyed to prevent consumption. Industrial Methylated Spirits are created so as to avoid paying spirits taxes for the alcohol. If it cannot be consumed, it is exempt from paying the tax. Denaturing the alcohol provides a solution to permit legitimate use and manufacture of ethanol for cheap industrial use.

Where Can I Buy Methylated Spirits?

You can buy Industrial Methylated Spirits online at ReAgent Chemicals. We have provided businesses in numerous industries with denatured Alcohol for over 30 years. ReAgent's flexible manufacturing facilities means that we can supply in package sizes from tiny batches to 1000L intermediate bulk containers. Contact us today to discuss your Insutrial Methylated Spirits needs.