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Read our chemistry GCSE resources to help you revise, and for more information about taking GCSE chemistry.

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A Level

These A level chemistry resources will guide you as you study, and provide more information about chemistry A level.

A level chemistry gives you a good grounding in chemistry basics


Find out more about doing a chemistry degree, the different types of degrees, and where to study.

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Discover apprenticeships in chemistry, the different types of apprenticeships, and what an apprentice should expect to do and learn.

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Fields of Chemistry

Take a look through the different fields of chemistry and what types of chemistry to study for each different field.

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More Information About Our Chemistry Education Resources

A good chemistry education opens diverse opportunities to pursue a variety of career paths. On this page, you can sharpen your understanding of chemistry by accessing easy-to-read articles on key topics, from analytical chemistry and biochemistry to the difference between inorganic and organic chemistry. 

Our chemistry education resources also include articles to help current and prospective GCSE students study chemistry subjects and choose the course that’s right for them. Whether you’re looking to revise for your chemistry GCSE exam or are trying to decide if you should take chemistry GCSE as a single or combined science, we’ve got all the information you need right here on this page.

If you want to study chemistry at a higher level, you can also use the chemistry education resources above to find the best places to study chemistry in the UK and what you can do with a chemistry degree. Alternatively, if you’ve already earned your chemistry degree but are unsure how to use it, this page will help you to find the best chemistry graduate schemes and apprenticeships, as well as how you can put your degree to good use.