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Scientist holding flask of blue liquid

In chemistry, accurately and precisely measuring the amount of substance is crucial in virtually every task, which is why it’s an important topic at A level…

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Graphic of atomic structure

The topics you study at A level chemistry will build on the knowledge you gained in GCSE chemistry, and one of the topics you’ll explore more thoroughly is atomic structure. This involves learning how the modern atomic model has developed over time, from Dalton’s atomic theory, to Thomson’s, Rutherford’s, and Bohr’s atomic models, and how these scientists paved the way for Schrödinger’s Quantum Mechanical model of the atom.

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Empty school chemistry lab

What Do You Learn in Chemistry A Level?

In chemistry A level, you’ll learn the fundamentals of physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and organic chemistry. You’ll also deepen your understanding of key topics you studied at chemistry GCSE, like atomic structure and bonding. The areas you’ll study in chemistry A level are crucial in preparing you for university, equipping you with the in-depth knowledge and skills you need to…

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Closeup of student holding microscope

Why Do A Level Chemistry?

If you’re passionate about chemistry and want to pursue it at university and beyond, you need to pass A level chemistry. This is your ticket for admission to a prestigious university, and will pave the way for the chemistry career of your dreams. Continue reading to discover what subjects are covered in A level chemistry. Why Do A Level Chemistry? Earning…

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