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Guide to Chemistry Apprenticeship

Chemistry apprenticeships are blended learning programmes designed to provide both theoretical and practical training for those who want to earn while they learn. Apprentices typically spend the majority of their time doing on-the-job training while gaining in-depth knowledge.

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How to Find a Chemistry Apprenticeship

Whether you’ve just earned your GCSEs or A levels, or you’re currently working, undertaking a chemistry apprenticeship is an excellent way to earn a degree-level qualification while making money and learning on-the-job. It can also be a great career move since apprentices are often hired as regular employees by the company they carried out their apprenticeship with, helping them get a strong foothold on what is a highly competitive ladder.

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Chemistry Apprenticeship: BSc Analytical Chemistry Apprenticeship

A BSc analytical chemistry apprenticeship is offered by several universities across the UK, allowing candidates to earn while honing technical skills in analysing, synthesising, and reverse engineering substances. This is one of the many paths you can take to become an analytical chemist…

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Chemistry Apprenticeship: Applied Chemical Sciences Apprenticeship

An applied chemical sciences apprenticeship is a great way to earn a BSc degree, become a chartered scientist, and progress your career. As a higher level apprenticeship programme, it can open the door to many rewarding careers, and is best suited to those who want to earn while they learn…

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Chemistry Apprenticeship: Science Technician Apprenticeship

A science technician apprenticeship is a good career and education option whether you’ve left school, want to change careers, or want to be promoted in your current job. While most science technicians work in the laboratory, this experience will also enable you to work in a range of fields, from archaeological digs to underwater exploration…

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Chemistry Apprenticeship: Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship

A laboratory technician apprenticeship can help you find good opportunities in various industries that involve laboratory work…

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Chemistry Apprenticeships: Pharmacy Assistant Apprenticeship

Undertaking a pharmacy assistant apprenticeship will develop your knowledge and skills in many key areas, from dispensing procedures to legislation requirements. It will also provide you with the qualifications you need to pursue a range of career options…

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Apprenticeships In Chemical Engineering

In many universities around the world, carrying out an apprenticeship is part of the course requirements. Apprenticeships in chemical engineering are no different, and undergraduates are often seen filling these roles in order to gain industry experience. But they can also be undertaken by fresh graduates looking to get their foot in the door…

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What Is A Chemistry Apprenticeship?

Like many other types of apprenticeships, chemistry apprenticeships are a great way of developing your skills and experience in this particular field. From chemical engineering to laboratory analysis, there is a wide range of apprenticeships available in chemistry. Finding the right apprenticeship for you will depend on your experience, education, its compensation package, and your…

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