Where Can I Buy Distilled Water?

by Jessica Clifton

Distilled water is a form of purified water. It is produced by heating water into a vapour, which then condenses back into a liquid. This is known as the distillation process, and the liquid produced is distilled water.

Distilled water has a few uses in the home, such as in cooling and cleaning car engines and in humidifiers. Extremely high purity water, like the water we make at ReAgent, is not suitable for human consumption.

It’s really in the industrial world that distilled water comes into its own. It’s so pure that it can be used in laboratory testing, for cleaning medical tools, making cosmetics, and even brewing beer. But where can you buy distilled water?

Buying Distilled Water

You have a lot of options for where you can buy distilled water. Of course, we are going to recommend buying from ReAgent…but it would be a bit disingenuous if we only recommend ourselves!

For some customers with certain business needs and in some situations, ReAgent won’t be the most appropriate supplier.

Where can I buy distilled water

Buying Distilled Water from a Chemical Manufacturer

If you are a company who would like to buy distilled water from an established, reputable chemical manufacturer, ReAgent is probably the kind of chemical manufacturer you’re looking for. Why?

Reliability is key for us – you wouldn’t want to order a tanker of distilled water for making sets of cosmetics to be ready for shipment on a certain date, only for the water to be late or not within your specifications. We make sure that doesn’t happen.

ReAgent is also:

  • An established company since 1977, with thousands of happy customers
  • An industry expert in supplying various types of purified water
  • Happy to advise which type of water is best for you, as well as providing free pre-purchase and after-sales support
  • Quality accredited, holding ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 amongst others

We also guarantee that our distilled water will meet specification, we can make to order, and we can deliver conformity and analysis certificates if needed (additional charges may apply).

However, at ReAgent we don’t supply distilled water direct to consumers.

Distilled Water for Consumer Purchase

Distilled water is available for consumers to buy at many large supermarkets, pharmacies and online from sites like Amazon and eBay. If you only need a small quantity this is definitely where you should buy distilled water, and it’s also generally cheaper.

However, stock levels may be erratic, and as it’s not made to order it means the quality may not be so good. Additionally, if you buy distilled water from Amazon or eBay, make sure you check the sellers carefully as they can be less reputable and offer lower quality products than established chemical suppliers.

If you only need a very small amount for use in the home and feel like revisiting your old chemistry lessons, you can also make your own distilled water.

At ReAgent, we sell distilled water in sizes ranging from ampoules to 25,000L tankers. Contact our team today to discuss your distilled water needs.


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