Acetone (Laboratory Use)

Acetone (Laboratory Use)

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From: £40.24

From: £40.24

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Why Use UK Chemical Suppliers, ReAgent Chemicals to Buy Acetone (Laboratory Use)?

ReAgent Chemicals can manufacture and supply Acetone for laboratory use with a minimum 99% purity, in 2.5L or 25L containers. Bulk buyers are entitled to discount.

Acetone in the Lab

Acetone ((CH3)2CO) is the simplest ketone, a group of organic compounds featuring a carbonyl (C=O). Also known as propanone or dimethyl ketone, it’s a colourless liquid with a fruity, pungent odour.

It’s highly miscible with many compounds, including benzene, alcohol, chloroform and water. In fact, one of its main laboratory applications is as a solvent, used in many different types of assays and tests.

As a flammable compound, safe storage is essential and should be kept away from open flames. In addition, it can cause serious skin and eye irritation and respiratory difficulties if inhaled. Detailed safety procedures to follow can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet available to download.

Production of Acetone

Over 6 million tonnes are produced every year, mainly in the USA, Taiwan and China. The most popular method is the “cumene process” (also known as the Hock process), which generates both phenol and acetone, but other methods are possible.

This ranges from anaerobic fermentation, the first method to produce acetone relying on agricultural waste products, but highly ineffective; to oxidation of isopropyl alcohol or 2-propanol.

What ReAgent Can Offer You

We can supply acetone for all your laboratory needs. If that’s not the most suited product for you, we also have acetone for general and analytical use on our list of products. If you need to know more, simply contact us for a quote or technical advice.

One of our customer care team will be able to help you find what you need quickly. Rest assured that everything you buy online comes with a 100% guarantee, and most items are dispatched within 24 hours.




MSDS Files

The following files are available to download:

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3291Acetone (Laboratory Use)publish1195 - 1195 - SDS21049.pdf

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