Acetone can be used as nail polish remover

What are the Uses of Acetone?

Acetone is a colourless, volatile liquid made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms, first produced around 700 years ago and also found organically and even extra-terrestrially. You can find out more about what acetone is here, or read on for some common (and not so common) uses. Five uses of acetone Nail polish remover Let’s start with the one that most [...]

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What is Acetone?

Ask anyone what acetone is, and they’ll probably tell you it’s something to do with nail polish. And they’d be right, in its capacity as a solvent, acetone is one of the volatile ingredients in nail polish remover. But with more than six million tonnes of acetone produced globally each year, it obviously has many more uses. Acetone can [...]

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What is Absolute Ethanol?

Many of us drink absolute ethanol in some form on a regular basis, and maybe know more than we sometimes care to about the side effects it can have – although on its own, it is not fit for human consumption. While we are probably familiar with ethanol as the primary ingredient in alcoholic drinks, it has many more uses, [...]

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What is Deionised Water Used For?

This time around, we cover what deionised water is used for and what it actually is. What is Deionised Water? Deionised water is water that has quite literally had its ions removed. Ions are atoms and molecules that have a net electric charge as a result of losing or gaining more electrons. In easy terms, deionised water has been filtered and [...]

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