Testing Kits

Why Buy Testing Kits Online from UK Chemical Suppliers, ReAgent Chemicals?

ReAgent is a Quality Assured UK chemical supplier manufacturing a wide range of chemical and chemical-related products including various testing kits.  ReAgent has almost 50 years’ experience of the UK chemical industry during which time we have built up an excellent reputation for Quality Assured products, exemplary customer service and attractive prices.  Little wonder that some of our customers have been purchasing from ReAgent for over four decades.

Lead in Air Testing Kits

Our Lead in Air Test Kits are one of our most popular items.  These test kits are supplied in packs of 5, packs of 12 and packs of 28 according to your requirements.  Prices and details of price breaks can be found by clicking on the image above.  If you have any specific requirements concerning our Lead in Air Test Kits, please contact our knowledgeable and friendly Sales Team who will be glad to help with your enquiry.

In addition to testing kits, ReAgent is pleased to offer a wide range of:-

  • Chemical blends and mixes
  • Speciality chemicals
  • pH Buffers and specialist buffer solutions
  • Acids
  • Pharmaceutical intermediaries
  • Clinical reagents
  • Standard solutions

ReAgent works closely with all its customers to ensure that the testing kits we supply are exactly what our customers require.  Our flexible manufacturing facility enables us to offer bespoke services  as required and we would be pleased to quote for any specialist testing kits requirements that you may have.