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What is Deionised Water Used For?

This time around, we cover what deionised water is used for and what it actually is. What is Deionised Water? Deionised water is water that has quite literally had its ions removed. Ions are atoms and molecules that have a net electric charge as a result of losing or gaining more electrons. In easy terms, deionised water has been filtered and...

Removing Sticky Labels with Rubbing Alcohol

It seems that everything we buy nowadays always brings those annoying sticky labels that are impossible to remove. And even if you manage to peel off the label, then there’s the problem of the sticky residue left behind. Unfortunately, warm soapy water is not enough in most cases and you may spend many hours trying […]

ReAgent Outlines the Vast & Specific Uses of Distilled Water

Ranging from 1 litre bottles to 1000 litres containers, at ReAgent you can find distilled water, for whichever application you may need it. This is a type of water where all organic and inorganic impurities have been removed during the distillation process, leaving a clear and colourless product. The distilled water you can buy from […]