Sodium Hypochlorite 14% (General Use)

Sodium Hypochlorite 14% (General Use)

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Need Sodium Hypochlorite for General Use?

  • We supply sodium hypochlorite for general use in 5L and 25L containers, with discounts available for bulk orders
  • MSDS is also available to download from our website
  • With all our products, we offer further options, such as personalised labelling or bespoke blending


How is Sodium Hypochlorite Manufactured?

This compound was originally produced by mixing chlorine gas and lye (sodium hydroxide), resulting in a weak solution of sodium hypochlorite. This method was quickly replaced by extraction of chlorinated lime with sodium carbonate and was commonly used as a disinfectant during WWI. A more efficient process was eventually developed and the chloroalkali reaction is now used. This is known as the Hooker process and involves electrolysis of brine to generate chlorine gas and sodium hydroxide, which are subsequently mixed to synthesise sodium hypochlorite. It’s important to keep the solution cold (below 40 degree Celsius) to limit formation of undesired by-products, such as sodium chlorate.

Cl2 2 NaOH → NaCl NaClO H2O


Uses of Sodium Hypochlorite

Bleach may be the most common use for sodium hypochlorite, but there are other applications for this compound:

  • Bleach: typically, these solutions contain about 3-8% sodium hypochlorite and 0.01-0.05% sodium hydroxide, added to reduce decomposition into sodium chlorate and sodium chloride
  • Stain removal: In addition to removing stains in clothes, sodium hypochlorite is also used to clean other types of stains, such as mold and tea stains
  • Manufacture of beer or wine: A 2% solution in warm water can be used to clean surfaces and utensils used in brewing beer or wine, but it needs to be thoroughly rinsed before use
  • Food industry: The same principle is also used in the food industry, where industrial equipment can be washed and disinfected with a very weak sodium hypochlorite solution
  • Disinfectant in hospitals: taking advantage of its antimicrobial properties, sodium hypochlorite is used to clean and disinfect working surfaces in hospitals. This is usually followed by a disinfection with ethanol to avoid the corrosive effects of sodium hypochlorite
  • Water treatment: this compound can be used to treat wastewater, especially if containing cyanides. This way, toxic cyanide is converted to cyanate, which is no longer toxic
  • Endondontics: Sodium hypochlorite is the compound of choice to treat against bacterial infections in dentistry. Mild solutions are used not only to prevent bacterial development, but it also to dissolve necrotic and diseased tissue in teeth
  • Medical applications: this compound has been used for decades to treat eczema and skin damage


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