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Molybdate Reagent Analyser Solution for Silkostat




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Looking for reagent analyser solutions for Silkostat 9210?

  • We can supply sodium molybdate reagent, oxalic acid reagent and reducing analyser solutions for Silkostat 9210
  • Our most popular product is sodium molybdate reagent analyser solution
  • MSDS are available to download for all solutions
  • Typically products are sold with less than 0.01ppm silica to ensure the most accurate results possible
  • All our products also come with further options, including customised labelling and specific pack sizes

The chemistry behind the Silkostat 9210

The chemical reactions involved in this process are actually very simple:

  • Soluble silica present in the sample to be analysed reacts with the molybdate solution to form a silico-molybdate complex, which gives a yellow colouration to the solution
  • The second step involves a reaction with a reducing agent, which turns the solution blue
  • Measuring the concentration of this blue molybdate complex by photometric analysis gives an indication about the initial concentration of silica in the sample. It’s also more accurate than measuring the yellow silico-molybdate complex.
  • The formation of the blue complex varies greatly with the conditions, especially pH. As such, it’s essential to follow standard procedures to obtain reliable and repeatable results.
  • Some impurities can give false results. This includes, for example, phosphates which, like silicates, are also capable of reacting with molybdate and form a blue complex. To limit their impact, an oxalic acid solution is added in excess, and in most cases, it’s possible to limit the effect of phosphates even if in concentrations ten times higher than silica.

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