Antifreeze - Non-Toxic

ReAgent Manufactures a Range of Antifreeze Solutions to Suit Different Customer Requirements

As the name suggests, non-toxic Antifreeze (Propylene Glycol based) contains Propylene Glycol which means that it is non-poisonous, unlike traditional ‘blue’ Antifreeze which contains harmful Monoethylene Glycol.  As such, non-toxic Antifreeze is considered to be a safer alternative for applications where the presence of poisonous substances could create a significant risk.

Uses for Non-Toxic Antifreeze

Many boat-owners buy non-toxic Antifreeze (Propylene Glycol based) when making preparations to ‘winter’ their vessels.  The ‘wintering’ process involves removing all the water from the various onboard systems and replacing it with Antifreeze to prevent freezing when the temperature drops over the winter months.

Once spring arrives, the various systems can be drained down to remove the majority of the non-toxic Antifreeze and then the systems can be flushed to river, lake, canal or stream as any residual wastewater will be safe to release without harming aquatic organisms.

Non-toxic Antifreeze is also ideal for cooling systems located in food preparation and food processing environments such as chiller cabinets, walk-in refrigerators and cold rooms.  The presence of Monoethylene Glycol in traditionally manufactured Antifreeze could pose a serious threat in such environments.

Buy from an Internationally Recognised Compaby

Non-toxic Antifreeze (Propylene Glycol Based) is available to purchase in 25 litres and 200-litre containers and in IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers) of 1,000 litres.

ReAgent also offers traditional ‘blue’ Antifreeze which can be purchased as a concentrate or in a ready-to-use format in a range of convenient pack sizes.  Additionally, ReAgent manufactures ready-to-use ‘red’ Antifreeze which is more stable than ‘blue’ as it contains long-life additives to help protect engines and components of heat-cooling systems.  Details of these can be found on the relevant pages of the website.

ReAgent is a Quality Assured company with accreditation to numerous professional organisations including ISO 9001 Quality Standard and ISO 14001 Environmental Standard.  Having been firmly established at the forefront of the UK chemical industry for over 40 years, ReAgent prides itself on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer service.

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