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About Hydrazine

With the formula N2H4, hydrazine forms a colourless solution with a strong pungent odour. It is sold in a variety of concentrations depending on the end application.

In higher concentrations, it can be used as an oxygen scavenger in the electricity generation industry. It is also used in pharmaceutical and agricultural applications, among many other industries.

In pharmaceuticals, hydrazine behaves as a precursor to a range of medicines and pesticides, and it has several commercialised bioactive derivatives like hydrazine sulfate, which is used in the medical industry as a fungicide and antiseptic.

This compound can be dangerous if exposed to open flames, heat, or metal and metal oxides. As a strong reducing agent, hydrazine can also react violently with oxidisers.

Health and Safety

When used as a standard, hydrazine is typically found highly diluted and is, therefore, not predicted to be severely dangerous. However, this product still contains a certain amount of hydrazinium sulphate, which is classed as a carcinogen.

In addition, this product may also contain small concentrations of sensitising substances. These can cause a sensitive reaction when they come into contact with skin. Inhalation or ingestion may also cause tract irritation or even pulmonary oedema, as well as nausea, vomiting and coma.

As a result, it's recommended that you use protective clothing, including gloves and eye protection, to avoid any accidents when handling hydrazine.

Despite its dilution, hydrazine can be toxic to aquatic life, potentially causing long-term damage in a water environment, and it should be disposed of following the appropriate legislation.

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