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What are electrolyte solutions?

An electrolyte solution is a solution able to conduct electricity. The dissolved electrolyte produces positive and negative ions, which disperse uniformly in water. This process is called solvation. By itself, this is a neutral solution, but if an electric current is applied, the cations are attracted to the negative electrode, while the anions are attracted to the positive electrode. This specific movement of anions and cations moving in opposite directions produces an electric current. Examples of electrolytes include salts, acids and bases, as well as some gases, such as hydrogen chloride. Most common chemicals used include sodium, potassium and calcium, as well as chloride and phosphate.

Instead of a simple dissolution in water, it's also possible for chemicals to react with water to produce ions. Carbon dioxide, for example, is able to dissolve in water, to generate an electrolyte solution with hydrogen carbonate, carbonate and hydronium.

Electrolyte solutions can be prepared concentrated or diluted, depending on the concentration of electrolyte added. If a high concentration is added, the electrolyte solution is said to be strong, or weak if a low concentration is used.

Solid electrolytes

There are also solid electrolytes including:

  • Gel electrolytes: very similar structure to electrolyte solutions, but have a more viscous consistency.
  • Dry polymer electrolytes: in this case, the salt is dissolved directly into the solid. Typically it involves a polymer with a high dielectric constant, such as polyphosphazenes or silicates, and a salt with a low lattice energy.
  • Organic ionic plastic crystals: these electrolyte can be described as intermediate between liquid and solid. Examples include 1,2,4-triazolium perfluorobutanesulfonate and imidazolium methanesulfonate.

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