Cyclohexanone (General Use)



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Chemical and physical properties of cyclohexanone

Cyclohexanone is an organic compound typically synthesised via oxidation of cyclohexane in air. This compound is used as a precursor in many different industrial applications, namely production of nylon. Some of its most interesting chemical and physical properties include:
  • Molecular formula: C6H10O, which can sometimes be written as (CH2)5CO
  • Molecular weight: 98.143 g/mol
  • Chemical structure: 6 carbon cyclic structure with a ketone group
  • Whitish solution, which can turn pale yellow due to oxidation
  • Odour described as reminiscent of peppermint or acetone
  • Only partially soluble in water, but highly miscible with most organic solvents, including alcohol, acetone and ether
  • Very corrosive and highly flammable
  • Boiling point drops significantly from 155 degree Celsius at 760 mm Hg to 1.4 degree Celsius at 1 mm Hg
  • Melting point: -31 degree Celsius
  • Concentration immediately dangerous to life: 700 ppm
  • Can be harmful by inhalation (full MSDS can be downloaded from our website)

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