Cyclohexane (C6H12)

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Cyclohexane conformation

Theoretically, cyclohexane could form a simple and flat hexagon with 120 degree internal angles, but in reality the compound assumes a warped conformation to keep the angles closer to 109.5 degrees, allowing for a lower strain energy than the flat structure. There are many 3D formations cyclohexane can assume (and maintain the integrity of its bonds), but the most common are called boat, twist-boat, chair and half-chair. The compound can easily change from one conformation to another and only chair and twist-boat can be isolated in its pure form. Cyclohexane has been the object of study for many researchers, fascinated with this ability of cyclohexane to change conformation, known among chemists as conformational isomerism. Scientists are particularly curious about how this small change can influence its physical and chemical properties. This ideas was originally developed by Hermann Sachse, who correctly identified two positions for cyclohexane in 1890. He understood that the oxygens could have different positions, but his ideas were never accepted among more established chemists. It wasn't until 1918 that Ernst Mohr used X-ray crystallography to confirm one of Sachse's conformations. Derek Barton and Odd Hassel later described many of the other possible conformations for cyclohexane, and were awarded a Nobel Prize for their work.

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