Chloroform (CHCl3)


As chloroform suppliers, we have everything you need to know about the solvent here. We manufacture and supply chloroform to businesses in the UK and worldwide. Read about chloroform and how to buy this restricted product.

What Is Chloroform?

With the formula CHCl3, chloroform is a colourless, dense chemical solution with an easily recognisable sweet smell. It is one of the four chloromethanes. Chloroform is a trihalomethane, with multiple laboratory and industrial uses. It is considered a hazardous chemical and as such is a restricted product.

How Is Chloroform Produced?

The chloroform compound can be synthesised using several different routes:

Historical method: In 1831, chloroform was first prepared by chemist Eugene Souberain, by mixing acetone and ethanol, in the presence of calcium hypochlorite (bleach).

Industrial methods: Nowadays, the process of chloroform production involves a mixture of chlorine (Cl2) and methane (CH4) at high temperatures. This is a progressive reaction, in which precursors become more and more chlorinated in each step. The result is a mixture of four chloromethanes – CH3Cl, CH2Cl2, CHCl3, CCl4 – which are further separated by distillation.

Cl2 + CH4 →CH3Cl + HCl Cl2 + CH3Cl →CH2Cl2 + HCl Cl2 + CH2Cl2 →CHCl3 + HCl Cl2 + CHCl3 →CCl4 + HCl

Buying Chloroform

Many people wonder where to buy chloroform online, as it is a restricted product. You can buy chloroform here, from ReAgent Chemicals. We supply chloroform in 2.5L and 25L containers, as well as 200L drums for large orders. See the Chloroform MSDS file for further information.

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