ReAgent Introduces EP & USP Water Variants to its Online Shop

by Jessica Clifton

ReAgent has always prided itself on being one of the top UK suppliers of purified water products. This reputation is maintained by the fact that we have now introduced three new water variants to our online shop: EP Water, USP Purified Water, and USP Water for Injection.

Whether you’re in need of high-quality distilled or deionised water or are more interested in our UltraPure water, ReAgent has always had the product that can meet your business needs. In order to suit a larger scope of industry requirements, we have expanded our services to include pharmaceutical grade water products that have been recognised by a renowned international body.

Three New Water Variants

With the installation of our new water treatment plant, ReAgent has been manufacturing purified water to a higher quality than ever before. But we’re upping the ante by introducing three new water variants that meet the stringent requirements of the European and United States Pharmacopoeia.

  1. EP Water

EP water is a grade of water that meets the stringent requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia. This is a body that provides industries throughout Europe with common quality standards.

The European Pharmacopoeia also ensures the quality of substances that are being used to manufacture pharmaceutical grade products, including active ingredients, excipients and water. Therefore, it guarantees a high level of quality in all EP products.

EP water contains extremely low levels of impurities. This is because it is a requirement that Pharmacopoeia grade water has minimal traces of contaminants like nitrates, chlorides and sulphates. It is commonly used in product testing, analytical work and in the manufacture of various pharmaceutical or cosmetic products.

Many industries in Europe require the specific use of EP water so that they can manufacture their products in line with current standards. By introducing this grade of water to our online shop, ReAgent is extending its supply to other industry sectors.

EP water 1000L packsize
Purified water products that are used in pharmaceuticals must adhere to the standards set by their respective Pharmacopoeia.
  1. USP Purified Water

USP Purified Water is a grade of water that meets the requirements of another Pharmacopoeia. The United States Pharmacopoeia governs the quality and specifications of all substances used in pharmaceutical products in the United States.

As with EP water, there is a list of very strict standards that water products must adhere to in order to be classed as USP Purified Water. These standards include minimum levels of bacteria, chlorides, sulphates, ammonia, carbon dioxide and many other forms of contaminants.

As with EP water, this product must also have passed its Oxidisable Substances Test, which determines how likely it is to become contaminated after coming into contact with certain substances.

  1. USP Water for Injection

EP Water, USP Purified Water & USP Water for Injection Introduced to the ReAgent Online Shop

The United States Pharmacopoeia also specifies the requirements for water for injection products. USP Water for Injection is very low in impurities such as heavy metals, nitrates, chlorides, and sulphates.

USP Water for Injection also meets a bacterial endotoxin specification. The equipment and procedures we use at ReAgent are designed to control microbial contamination and remove endotoxins from our source water.

USP Water for Injection can be used in the processing, formulation and manufacture of pharmaceutical products, as APIs, and as analytical reagents, amongst other uses.

Please note that EP Water, USP Purified Water, and USP Water for Injection are not suitable for intravenous injection or parenteral use as they are not sterile.

Meeting Your Business Requirements

ReAgent always goes the extra mile for its clients and customers, ensuring that their exact needs are being fulfilled.

By introducing new water variants to our stock, we are catering our services to a broader range of industries so that we can continue meeting the needs of businesses worldwide. Order online or simply contact a member of our team for more information. 


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