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Why Buy Barium Chloride (BaCl2) Online from UK Chemical Suppliers, ReAgent Chemicals?

ReAgent can supply barium chloride with a minimum 99% purity in 500g and 5 kg containers. Bulk discounts are available for purchases over 4 items. In addition, we also have barium chloride 0.5M, or in its dehydrate form as 5% or 10% w/v.

Most common salt of barium

Barium chloride, with the formula BaCl2, is the most common of barium’s salts. It forms white odourless hygroscopic crystals soluble in water, but not ethanol. When burning it produces a yellow-green flame. In a small scale, this compound can be synthesised from barium carbonate (BaCO3) and barium hydroxide (Ba(OH)2) in the presence of hydrochloric acid (HCl). However, the most common process used in industry involves a two-step process. Starting with barium sulphate (BaSO4), the first reaction produces barium sulphide (BaS), which is then added to calcium chloride (CaCl2) to produce barium chloride.

A colourful application

Barium chloride can be used to generate the colour green in fireworks, but its toxicity limits its wide application for household products. Barium chloride also has many different applications, including a test for sulphate ion in the lab, or used in the synthesis of other barium salts or the manufacture of pigments at an industrial level.

Toxic compound

Like all other barium slats, barium chloride is a highly toxic component if swallowed. Antidotes include magnesium sulphate and sodium sulphate, which form barium sulphate (BaSO4). This compound is also toxic, but less because it is insoluble. Barium ions are also toxic for marine life, so disposal must always follow strict procedures. Full details can be found on the Material Safety data Sheet.

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