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  • We supply applikon analyser solutions in 1L containers, with discounts available for bulk orders
  • Our most popular product is Calver B Analyser Reagent for Applikon Calcium Analysis, but we also offer EDTA 0.0005M Analyser Solution for Applikon Calcium Analyser
  • Full MSDS available to download from our website
  • We also offer further options with all our products, such as customised labelling and bespoke blending

What is Calver B Analyser Reagent for Applikon Calcium Analysis?

This product was developed to use in chemical analysis. More specifically, to determine the presence of calcium by EDTA titration. The process can be combined with a double titration, in which the first indicates calcium hardness and the second indicates total hardness. These results also allow an estimate of magnesium hardness as the difference between the two original results. Usually, all results are presented as mg/L CaCO3.

Samples to be analysed can be collected in glass or plastic bottles, and adjusted to pH 2 with concentrated nitric acid for storage. Before analysis, the sample needs to re-adjusted to pH 7 usually with potassium hydroxide. In this case, it's important to remember to correct test result according to volume added. If the sample can be analysed immediately this step can be ignored. The sample to analyse needs to be first mixed with 1-2ml potassium hydroxide in a 50-100ml sample and then mixed with the CalVer solution and start titration until the colour changes from red to blue.

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