Aluminium Sulphate Al2(SO4)3

Aluminium Sulphate Al2(SO4)3



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Why Buy Aluminium Sulphate Al2(SO4)3Online from UK Chemical Suppliers, ReAgent Chemicals?

We supply Aluminium Sulphate with a minimum 96% purity in 1 kg containers and 25 kg bags, with bulk discounts available.

Purification of drinking water

Aluminium sulphate (sometimes spelled aluminum sulfate) is a chemical compound most commonly used in the process of water purification as a flocculating agent. When added to water, it caused impurities to bind together, forming larger coagulates which settle at the bottom and are easier to remove by filtration.

With the formula Al2(SO4) it is also a double salt (or alum) following the formula AB(SO4)2.12H2O, where both A and B are Aluminium. Other hydrated forms also include hexadecahydrate Al2(SO4)3•16H2O and octadecahydrate Al2(SO4)3•18H2O.

This refers to the hydrated form (with H2O), but the anhydrous form as a white crystal also occurs naturally near volcanoes or burning coal-mining dumps. This is an extremely rare mineral called mineralmillosevichite.

Many other applications

In addition to being used in water treatment plants, aluminium sulphate has many other possible applications:

  • Used as a mordant in the textile industry – added to an alkaline solution, aluminium sulphate forms a gelatinous compound (Aluminium hydroxide, Al(OH)3), which adheres to clothing and it protects the pigments.
  • Added to soil to lower pH – it forms an Al(OH)3 precipitate and a weak sulphuric acid solution. An common example is with hydrangeas, where reducing the soil’s pH turns the flower from purple to pink.
  • It was used in antiperspirants, but has been replaced with other products
  • Used as waterproofing agent
  • Used in construction as an accelerator in concrete
  • Used to provide relief from bites and insect stings
  • Very effective molluscicide

What we offer

All our products, including aluminium sulphate, come with a 100% quality guarantee and are usually shipped within 24-hours. If you have any questions, just contact us for a quote or technical query.


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