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Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) This is our most popular Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) - Hydrogen Peroxide (General Use)

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Why Buy Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Online from UK Chemical Suppliers, ReAgent Chemicals?

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is a widely used oxidising acid, albeit a relatively weak acid.  Most Hydrogen Peroxide solutions are virtually colourless in appearance, apart from the most concentrated forms, which are very pale blue colour.  ReAgent is a leading UK supplier of Hydrogen Peroxide and can can provide solutions ranging from very dilute to very concentrated. The most popular solutions we sell are 20 Vols and 100 Vols, although other concentrations are available in quantities from 2.5L to up to 1000L.


Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is used in cleaning products and specifically as a bleaching agent.  In higher concentrations it is quite hazardous and should be handled with care only by competent persons.  Hydrogen peroxide has a wide range of applications, the most common of which being to bleach substances including paper, hair and bone. 


The paper manufacturing industry consumes a large proportion of the worlds Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) for bleaching paper.  Being non-chlorine-based, Hydrogen Peroxide is better for the environment than chlorine based bleaches, such as Hydrogen Chloride.  It is also odourless, so unlike chlorine based bleach it does not give off a chlorine smell.  For anyone who doesn’t know what chlorine smells like, think of the odour of your local swimming baths – that smell is chlorine.


All the products we supply including Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) are dispatched in accordance with our own ISO 9001:2000 accredited Quality Management System. For further information about Hydrogen Peroxide, or any of the products and services provided by ReAgent, please contact us either through the online contact form below or by calling us on 01928 716903 to speak with a technical advisor.


Many of our customers now prefer the convenience of being able to buy their Hydrogen Peroxide online but our professionaly and knowledgeable Sales Team is always on hand if you would prefer to talk to an adviser about your Hydrogen Peroxide enquiry.

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