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We also offer a Professional Gold Testing Kit which includes digital scales

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We are an experienced and trusted gold test kit suppliers. Our products are of the highest quality and standard.  You can buy VeriGold Gold Test Kits which test for Gold, but can also identify Sterling Silver, Brass, Cupro-Nickel Alloys, Platinum and Palladium.  We are the leading gold test kit suppliers in the UK.

We also offer each testing solution in single bottles, or as a box of 6.  You can also order any of the gold testing accessories such as gold testing tile, gold testing file or gold testing magnet separately.  Gold Testing Kits are also known as Gold Test Kits.

Using VeriGold Dropper Bottles

It is advisable to ensure that you are carrying out and use your gold testing kits in a safe area as the acid contained in the dropper bottles will be likely to cause damage to work surfaces.  Take great care not to allow the acid to come into contact with eyes or skin.  Please read through the Material Safety Data provided, to ensure safe use of your gold test kit.

When testing the metal, you must first make a small groove in the surface of the gold.  This is to ensure that you penetrate any plating which has been applied to the surface (if it is in fact plated metal).  Ideally you should do this to an area of the jewellery where the scoring will not easily be seen.  Do not use your gold testing kits in view of children or infants.

Hold bottle upside down, slightly above the item to be tested.  Gently squeeze the sides of the dropper bottle until a single drop of acid appears.  As soon as the acid begins to drop, release the pressure so that you can control the rate at which the acid is dispensed.  When acid makes contact with the surface of the jewellery, make a note to any reaction / colour changes when carrying out the test.  Use the information listed in the colour chart provided to check the changes against.

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