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Distilled Water from the UK's Distilled Water specialists

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Why Buy Distilled Water Online from UK Chemical Suppliers, ReAgent Chemicals?


M.W. 18.01



Chloride as Cl








Ammonia as N


Why Buy Distilled Water and how is it Produced?

Distilled Water is the purest form of water that you can buy because it is produced by evaporating water and using the distillates. Clear and colourless, free from visible impurities and with a neutral pH, the Distilled Water you buy from ReAgent presents no acidity or alkalinity and will have a low conductivity, perfect when only the purest form of water is required.  Almost all of the impurities are removed in the distillation process, whereby the water is boiled, condensed into steam, and the steam collected in a clean container leaving almost all trace elements behind.  Deionized water may still contain some impurities but Distilled Water is extremely pure because almost all impurities are removed during the distillation process, leaving you with virtually pure water.  Distillation can be quite a slow process and a still is needed for production to take place.

What is Distilled Water used for?

Distilled Water is used in a wide variety of applications, including industrial applications, laboratory applications, cleaning, rinsing, testing, ironing, in automotive batteries, laser cutting and many more.  Please note, our distilled water is not suitable for consumption. To discuss your particular requirements for buying Distilled Water please contact us.

Distilled Water is most often used in the laboratory where really pure water is needed; it is also used in industrial processes where the amount of impurity must be kept to a minimum.  A less expensive type of water for use in the laboratory and industry is Deionised Water.   A very common use of Distilled Water is to top up lead acid batteries in the automotive industry.  Trace elements found in tap water could cause a significant reduction in the life span of a truck or car battery, so this is why you may wish to buy Distilled Water.   Keepers of home aquariums often prefer to use Distilled Water as its absence of trace elements reduces any risk to the fish.  Distilled Water is commonly used in steam irons as tap water can cause a build-up of residue which can block the steam vents in the iron sole plate.

When I buy distilled water, how should I store it?

As a leading supplier of Distilled Water, especially in the UK, we are ideally placed to provide you with any information you may require.  Distilled Water should be storage between 15 – 25 degrees C, away from sunlight and moisture.  It should be kept  in a sealed container, avoiding excessive heat and cold e.g. frost.  Once the container is opened, the Distilled Water will start to pick up trace elements in the atmosphere which will affect the conductivity, particularly where it picks up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

How Can I Buy Distilled Water?

You can buy Distilled Water from us here at ReAgent in containers up to 1000 litres, including 5 litres and 25 litres and are pleased to offer attractive discounts for bulk orders.  Many of our customers now prefer to buy Distilled Water online and enjoy the conveience that online shopping affords them.  The packaging used for Distilled Water is plastic.  We can supply taps with 25 litre containers to make decanting easier and minimises risk of spillage and waste.  Transport regulations covering Distilled Water classify it as non-Hazardous and we can deliver UK wide or abroad.

The Distilled Water we supply is of particularly high quality.  We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, capable of producing thousands of litres every hour.  We feed deionized water into our stills to create Distilled Water of the very highest quality and purity.  We believe this sets us apart from many competitors - we are already starting with particularly high quality water, so our distillation process produces some of the highest quality water available.  For further information or to buy Distilled Water please contact us.

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