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Demineralised Water from the UK's Demineralised Water specialists

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Appearance: Liquid

Formula: H2O

Boiling point (degrees Celsius): 100 760 mm Hg

Melting point (degrees Celsius): 0

Density: Approx. 1.00 @ 20

CAS No.: 7732-18-5


A typical analysis of our demineralised water is at the bottom of this page

What is Demineralised Water?

Demineralised water is high quality “pure” water, created by passing non-pure water through an ion exchange resin bed, which filters out any unwanted mineral salts and impurities such as sodium and chloride. It’s used in a variety of industries and environments, mostly in laboratory and pharmaceutical settings for preparation and testing.


Demineralised water’s main uses include:


As a raw material or ingredient in the creation of many pharmaceutical products

The topping up of car batteries or in cooling systems in the automotive industry. It can also be used to clean vehicles as the water does not leave behind any spots that could otherwise be caused by dissolved solutes

As an electrical fire retardant in fire extinguishers, due to its poor conductivity

As a testing medium in laboratory conditions due to its high purity.


UVDB Registered


Demineralised Water Analysis










Residue on Evaporation <10mg/L

Chloride as Cl


Heavy Metals (pB) <0.1ppm



Silica as SiO2




































May have trace of Zinc (<0.01mg/L).

*CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere once produced can increase conductivity very slightly.

Demineralised vs. Deionised Water

Demineralised water is also known as deionised water, both of which have had all ions and minerals removed usually by the same process. Differences in reference usually come from the intended purpose for the water. Whilst deionisation is used to remove all trace of salt and harmful contaminants from the water, demineralisation is normally used when the water will be used for chemical mixing processes and removes all minerals that could potentially interfere with other chemicals.


Demineralised and deionised waters are often confused with distilled water, which is of a higher purity. Whilst deionisation removes any ionic compounds from the water, some trace elements may still not be removed. However, in the process of distillation, a more expensive process, many industries have turned to the use of demineralised water in their applications.


Buy Demineralised Water from ReAgent Suppliers UK

We are leading suppliers of demineralised water in the UK, manufacturing and distributing chemicals to businesses for over 30 years. We sell demineralised water in batches ranging from 25 litre containers to 25,000L tankers. 


Precautions must be taken at all times when handling chemicals – for more information please refer to our demineralised water MSDS.


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We manufacture to ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards

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ReAgent has been supplying quality chemical products for almost 40 years

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