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BORAX (Sodium Tetraborate) from the UK's BORAX (Sodium Tetraborate) specialists

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Why Buy BORAX (Sodium Tetraborate) Online from UK Chemical Suppliers, ReAgent Chemicals?

ReAgent can supply Sodium tetraborate, commonly known as BORAX, in 1 kg and 5 kg containers with discounts available for bulk buyers. The product is sold with a 99% minimum purity and a maximum 0.05% sulphates and 0.003% heavy metals.

Variety of uses

Sodium tetraborate, Na2B4O7•10H2O, is more commonly referred to as borax. This important boron compound is a salt of boric acid and forms white soft crystals easily dissolved in water. Borax has many different uses, from detergents to fire retardant:

  • Ingredient in many cosmetics and detergents

  • standard buffer solutions

  • anti-fungal in the manufacture of fibreglass

  • fire retardant

  • flux in metallurgy

  • precursor to synthesise other boron compounds

  • gold mining (borax can replace toxic mercury in the artisanal method of gold extraction)

Borax means “white”

The word BORAX comes from Arabic “buraq” which means “white”, and it probably originally referred to any fluxing agent. Currently, the term borax may extend to several closely related compounds that only differ in their water content, but more commonly is used to describe the decahydrate version (with 10 H2O).

This compound was originally discovered in Tibet, but quickly found its way into the Silk Road to Arabia. In America, the use of borax became popular in the 19th century when the Francis Marion Smith set up the Pacific Coast Borax Company, selling borax to other industries. After several name changes, the company still exists today under the name Rio Tinto Borax and continues to supply almost half of the world’s needs of borate.

Safety first

At reagent, we’re very proud of our safety records. All our staff is qualified and has a vast experience handling chemicals. We ensure our members are trained in LEAN manufacturing methods and receive full protective equipment, including footwear, clothing, eye protection and gloves. To read about safety procedures appropriate for borax, the full Material Safety Data Sheet can be downloaded from our website. For any queries or to get a quote, just contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

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